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When a young man is knifed and murdered, Detectives Goren and Eames discover evidence that links the crime to practioners of a Santeria cult — and their investigation soon narrows to two former convicts who dupe the mother (as Lyz Webster, guest star Anne Twomey) of the victim into believing that she has special clairvoyant powers. However, in order to make a better case against the couple and track their involvement in the slaying, crafty Goren must get inside the exploited woman’s head to convince her that she truly has a psychic gift.

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From the producers of the Emmy Award-winning “Law & Order”, the longest-running drama on television, comes a compelling series detailing the extraordinary crime-solving techniques and exploits of the elite Major Case Squad. In the NYPD, Detective First Grade Robert Goren is the best there is, called in by Captain James Deakins for special high profile crimes and hard-to-crack cases that must be solved, whatever it takes, by exposing “Criminal Intent.”